Synthetic grass for our alfresco area

Recently, we posted an account of how a leak caused damage to our office during the rainy season and led to a complete repair of the roof and floor replacement. Today we come to you with another update on some new changes around the winery.


As the weather has switched from cold and rainy to suddenly extremely dry and hot, with the temperature spiking up to more than thirty-five degrees, another set of challenges regarding maintenance of the premises has presented itself. Although we no longer have to worry about rainwater leaking in from the roof, and although we have a lovely new floor in the office (linoleum, as voted by majority of the staff) we still have an alfresco area to worry about. In the heat, our shrubs and grass can easily dry out, and expenses spent on re-flooring and re-roofing have made it difficult to maintain regularly with a sprinkler system. Last year, replacing and maintaining the grass in dry weather caused us to use three times more than the amount of budget we planned. Thus, this year, the winery has decided to invest in synthetic grass for the alfresco area. An idea we had from a website we ran into on the internet.


fake grass photo


This was a decision that was met with much apprehension. Many of us at the winery are here expressly because we believe that there is no substitute for nature’s raw gifts, hence why we use all-natural, top-quality ingredients in our wines. In keeping with these values, we prefer to keep our premises all-natural as well. However, circumstances have given us little choice in the matter, and short of having to spend more money than usual on maintaining the al fresco area, it would indeed be more prudent to go with a synthetic substitute, which will last all year round. Manager Ms. Stacy and our grounds keeping staff are on the hunt for quality, affordable false grass that will not ruin the overall rustic atmosphere of the winery.


With the new roof, new office flooring and now a new alfresco area look, the face of the winery is changing, but as always, we assure customers that our quality remains the same.

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